Pascal Weick is a Berlin-based musician, composer, producer and mixing engineer.


As a multi-instrumentalist, he can fulfill all needs for modern music production – from composing to arranging full instrumentals to recording and programming and finally mixing and mastering, Pascal Weick delivers state-of-the-art music productions from start to finish.

While his roots and passion lies in all kinds of heavier rock music, from Punk to modern Metalcore, he covers a wide span of genres both as a composer and producer. In recent times he created soundtrack-packs for In-Game-Apps for League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics and Rocket League: From K-Pop to 40’s/50’s Rock’n’Roll to Industrial-Electronic-Rock and Metal.

As a guitarist, songwriter and performing artist, he played in several bands like Perez (recently released Singles via Universal Music), Joy Became Clear (including support shows for Falling in Reverse, Itchy and more) or Beta 2.0, to name a few. He played at countless festivals in Germany and several tours throughout Europe. With his former band Beta 2.0 (active from 2010 to 2013), he played on public TV (The Dome), worked with renowned songwriters David Jürgens (who worked with Helene Fischer, Max Giesinger, u.a.) and Sandi Strmljan (who worked with Udo Lindenberg, Glasperlenspiel and Chris Norman) and was supported by Bandpool (Popakademie Baden-Württemberg) and VW Soundfoundation.


Besides working as a musician, composer and mixing engineer, Pascal Weick also works as a freelance audio engineer for dubbing, being responsible for recording voice artists for German versions of movies and series on Netflix, Amazon, Disney+ and other streaming services.